Denise Bloom, ACE Certified Personal Trainer,
Trainer at Wayne's World since January, 2012

Denise has been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer for more than 
ten years, designing structured exercise programs for one-on-one 
as well as small groups.  She has experience working with young 
and old: athletes, moms, dads and seniors to improve health and 
overall performance.  Denise has also developed outdoor boot  
camp programs and instructed small group resistance training 
classes emphasizing muscular strength and endurance, core 
conditioning, balance, agility and cardiorespiratory fitness.

In 2012 Denise became certified as an ACE Health Coach helping 
people lose weight, change the way they eat, incorporating 
physical activity into their lives and improving their overall health 
and well-being.  She helps people with strategies and systems to 
change their fitness, nutrition and lifestyle behaviors empowering 
them to live a happier fit life.  Denise has also earned a Training 
For Warriors Level 1 Certification, is a qualified TRX instructor and 
certified in First Aid, CPR/AED and Oxygen.

Denise grew up in the Upper Valley and has been an avid weight 
lifter for more than twenty years.  She has won awards and 
achieved records in Olympic and power lifting. Denise enjoys 
most all outdoor activities loves spending time with her family.