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I am now down 50 lbs. at age 54 and have not been in shape like this since high school.
~ Joe Scearbo

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Last Summer I weighed over 220 lbs. I felt old, tired, fat and out of shape. Every time I tried to lose weight I would give up after an injury or worse yet, a weekend binge. By the end of the Summer I needed double hernia surgery. While I was recovering, I heard the voice of hope and encouragement. It was Wayne Burwell! "When you want to get your health back, come and see me," he said with a smile. As soon as I was cleared to work out I headed down to Wayne's World not having any idea what I was in for. I was very intimidated and convinced that an Elite Training Center was not for me. The other clients were extremely encouraging and Wayne worked with me on strengthening my core. After a few weeks I tried my first Bootcamp. I thought that I was going to die by the third station. Eventually, I was able to keep up. I was overjoyed when Wayne gave me my first work-out book. He modified each work out due to my list of previous injuries: hernia, ruptured discs and achilles tendonitis, just to name a few. The month of October was the longest month of my life. Wayne put me on a 28 day meal plan to enhance my weight loss. The plan really taught me the proper way to eat healthy. The results from working with Wayne were absolutely Amazing! I could very quickly notice that my health was returning. I lost body fat and felt stronger and more energetic within a few weeks. It wasn't easy but it was definitely worth it. I am now down 50 lbs. at age 54 and have not been in shape like this since high school. Thank you Wayne for rescuing me from the fat bin and restoring my health!

and at the end of three months I had lost the 46 pounds
~ Eric Hebert

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When I came to Wayne for help I was 19, overweight, and on the verge of becoming fat. I had been playing Junior Hockey (a few months before) until an injury cut short my season. If that wasn’t bad enough, I managed to gain 30 pounds during my post op recovery. I tried to shake the weight but no matter what I did I couldn’t get under 215. I went from being active and athletic to lazy and slow. I was always told that your 20’s were the best years of your life but as my birthday approached I was beginning to feel washed up and like I had let myself go a little early. It took a while but I finally walked into Mr. Burwell’s gym and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. When Wayne weighed me for the first time the scale rested on 237. I told him I was looking to get down around 210-if it was “healthy”. I was confused when he laughed but now, five months later, I understand why. On day one, I was given a meal plan that was easily twice the amount of food I normally ate, and the end of three months I had lost the 46 pounds I am down today. After just five “wellness” workouts (three days a week), I am 20 years old and weigh 191 pounds! Not only have I lost almost 50lbs, I am stronger and leaner than I have ever been. I never thought this kind of weight loss was possible outside of an infomercial, but thanks to Wayne I really am in the best shape of my life. And for those of you under the assumption that you need to love working out to get my results, think again. You don’t need to be a gym rat and as long as finish your workouts and do what Wayne tells you, you will lose weight and get extreme results. I could fill a page talking about how great Wayne is but his reputation as the best trainer in the upper valley says it all.

I followed his advice. As my technique improved my injuries decreased.
~ Robin Curtiss

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I'm Rob Curtiss, a 57 year-old guy who likes to keep active by running and kayaking. I've been participating in 5K and 10K road races for 35 years, occasionally cracking the top ten. As I got into my fifties, however, I started getting injured more and more often. It seemed like every year I'd run in a race or two and then spend the rest of the summer nursing a strained Achilles tendon or calf muscle. I was beginning to wonder if it was worth it. I began training with Wayne in early January. After learning that my goal was to run more injury free, he designed a weight program for me. At first I found all those squats and lunges very difficult. I attributed this to poor coordination but Wayne made me see it had more to do with muscle weakness and muscle guarding. I put Wayne through some frustrating moments but he never gave up and gradually I started to get better at the exercises (though I don't think he'll ever hold me out as an example of perfect form!) My legs and upper body got much stronger and my flexibility improved. Wayne even took me to the track and instructed me on proper running technique. He could see that like a lot of middle-aged runners my form had deteriorated as I compensated for various injuries. He explained that poor form simply makes everything worse and causes even more injuries. I followed his advice. As my technique improved my injuries decreased. On St. Patrick's day I ran my first road race of the season. All those sessions with Wayne paid off big-time because I had my best finish in years. Since then I've run in five more races always finishing in the top 25% of the field. I have not missed a single day this summer due to an injury! Thanks Wayne! A year ago I wouldn't have believed this was possible.

The naturally occurring mentorship that develops between the regulars holds you psychologically accountable and motivated to stay focused.
~ Kylie McCarty

When I first contacted Wayne at the beginning of this year I had no idea how profound the impact on my life would be. I mean, the things I had heard about him from the high school athletes were good and his radio ad sounded great, but was I convinced I would be successful in my new mission? Probably not. Wayne introduced a whole new way of working out to me; intervals of cardio, heavier weights then I thought women were “supposed” to lift, boot camps and NO running. I asked probably too many questions and received Wayne’s signature looks in return, but it wasn’t his answers that made me a believer. It was my rapidly changing body that convinced me Wayne knew very well what he was doing. It didn’t take long before I was seeing results by the numbers on the scale and the fit of my clothes. Dropping a size every 3 weeks as long as I was strict with my meal plans which on most days were totally satiating. There is one more facet of Wayne’s World that you don’t hear about from high school athletes and on radio ads that make becoming a success a reality and not just a dream. The naturally occurring mentorship that develops between the regulars holds you psychologically accountable and motivated to stay focused on a daily basis. If I had chosen any other gym or program to help me toward my goal I would already be back to my old ways and miserable. Wayne made my story a success.

By the end of the summer I lost 45 pounds.
~ Pierson Krass

After coming back from my sophomore year of college I was completely out of shape from having a little too much fun. I had three months to loose the fat I had gained before heading back to school and I knew exactly who to turn to. Having worked out with Wayne in high school to get in shape for sports I knew that he would be able to help me. The combination of his workouts and dietary suggestions helped me reach my goal in a quick three months. By the end of the summer I lost 45 pounds. I couldn't have done it without his help, his workouts kept me engaged throughout the entire summer. I look forward to visiting Wayne's new gym when I am back from school and continuing the healthy path that he set me on!

I owe a great deal of my success to Wayne.
~ Ben Lovejoy, NHL

After each hockey season, I return to the Upper Valley and immediately call Wayne Burwell. Wayne helps me to quickly recover, and then we take steps to get me stronger, faster, leaner, and ready for the demands of the upcoming hockey season. Over the last five summers, with Wayne's help, I have transformed my body from that of a college hockey player to that of an NHL player. I owe a great deal of my success to Wayne, and would definitely recommend his new gym to every young hockey player, and every young athlete, in the Upper Valley.
Ben Lovejoy
NHL Hockey player for the Pittsburgh Penguins
Former Dartmouth Hockey and Lacrosse player

In 32 days I dropped 10% body fat...
~ Lori Shipulski

I’ve been in shape. I’ve eaten healthy. I know what I’m supposed to do. Unfortunately, knowing what you SHOULD do and actually DOING it are often two different things. That’s the position I found myself in. I was heavier than I wanted to be, unhealthier than I wanted to be, and just didn’t feel good anymore. I kept thinking, “I have to get back to the gym!” but I just didn’t make it happen. I lacked motivation and, I thought, the time. I had managed to jam-pack my schedule to overflowing with little consideration for my health.
My son and my husband started working with Wayne first. They were having great results but Wayne can be an intimidating person…all that personality…all that vibrato. I just didn’t see myself fitting into Wayne’s World Elite Fitness Training. There was nothing elite nor fit about me…or so I thought. With the encouragement of my husband, my son, and friends who were working with Wayne, I jumped in. Wayne asked if I wanted to do this the “easy way or the hard way”. I just wanted to feel good again so, I said let’s do it the hard way.
Wayne took my measurements, developed an exercise plan, and a meal plan for me to follow, and away we went. Two work outs a day seemed impossible given the schedule I had created for myself but with my family’s support and Wayne’s encouragement, I did it! I’m not saying it was easy but Wayne has a way of making it fun and of helping me feel like I can do anything. In 32 days I dropped 10% body fat…TEN PERCENT! I feel healthy and am stronger than I have ever been. More importantly, I am back on a path that I am happy with. Exercise is part of my life again and it is a welcome addition. Thank you, Wayne, for helping me feel comfortable in my own skin again. I look forward to the continued journey.

Lori Shipulski

Stephanie and I have evolved from twice a week “Boot Campers” to 5 x/week warriors!
~ Patti Dodds

For years, Wayne had trained my son and his friends while they were in high school. Wayne could always be found at high school athletic contests running up and down the sidelines, screaming encouragement and sharing their emotions as if he were out there with them. From my perspective, Wayne was the type of person I wanted around our kids- positive, hard working, enthusiastic, energetic, disciplined and most important, fun! I would hear stories from the boys about how hard they worked with Wayne and all of the “crazy” conditioning they did with him. I marveled at the fact that teenage boys were getting up to train with him before school. They seemed to be obsessed with conditioning and felt pride in making it through his workouts. Little did I know, that a couple years later, I would be feeling the same way.
My friend Stephanie Davis, a fellow teacher at RMS, and I knew that we needed to do something. We were typical working moms who were devoting so much time to our families, homes and jobs that we weren’t taking time to take care of ourselves. To say that we were “out of shape” would be an understatement! We had tried the typical “fad” diets, walking a couple times a week and even briefly made fools of ourselves at Zumba. Last March, after hearing about Wayne’s new gym from my sister-in-law, Stephanie and I decided to give it a try. I called Wayne and asked if we could come to “Boot Camp.” I explained that we were both starting from “scratch” but that we were serious and really wanted to give getting healthy and into shape a serious shot. Wayne welcomed us with open arms.
I’ll admit that we were really nervous the first day we walked in. It started with us wondering what we’d wear to workout--- spandex was not an option! Wayne adapted his “Boot Camp” so that we could participate in an adapted way without interrupting the workouts of his veterans (another thing we worried about). The folks who workout there are serious about getting fit, but because of Wayne’s attitude and sense of fun, the atmosphere remains relaxed and unintimidating.
Over the last 6 months, Stephanie and I have evolved from twice a week “Boot Campers” to 5 x/week warriors! Wayne has helped us push ourselves harder than we thought we could and has given us food plans that have changed not only the way we eat, but the way we think about food (which is still all of the time, but healthier and smaller portions). Between us, we’ve lost over 60 lbs and are feeling great! Along the way, we’ve taught Wayne some things too. For example, 40-something year-old women often can’t bear to look at what the scale says so we stand on it backwards and then make him write our weights down really small so we can’t read them!
We are now walking “billboards” for Wayne’s Elite Fitness Center! When people ask us what we’ve been doing, they have to endure many minutes of us extolling praise for Wayne and his program although we are still as work in progress. If only Wayne could teach us how to dance!

Patti Dodds
Teacher and Mom