What is Wellness?

This is the most comprehensive and intense program you will ever participate in. It is based on the science of undulating periodization. Specifically, this is a particular type of cyclical strength training. It keeps your muscles from stagnating, which is the most effective way to change your body and reach your goals. During your first session we will take your measurements and set S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) goals. A meal plan will be provided should one of your goals be to lose weight, and I will recommend supplements as well. During Wellness sessions my team and I will be available to help you with your form and technique, and you will be accountable to the team throughout your training. The purpose of the wellness program is not only to teach you how to change your body, but to provide you with a template that will allow you to take control of your workouts. Our goal is to help you become self-sufficient. The sky is the limit! You will be part of an easy-going atmosphere that will make you feel welcome. This is a group setting where Wellness clients are working on their own goals with my team's assistance. Have no fear! We will have our eyes on you and, as an added bonus (???), Wayne has been known to sing and dance to keep the motivation going. With decades of combined experience, Wayne and his team are commitment to helping you achieve your goals.


Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10am-12pm and 1pm-6pm
Tuesday & Thursday:  6am-9am and 10am-5am
Saturday: 11am-1pm


1 Session: $35
10 Sessions: $255
20 Sessions: $410
3 Months Unlimited: $765


Unlimited wellness gives you access to unlimited bootcamps wellness sessions. Come in and do a high-cardio bootcamp, or come during a wellness time to follow a workout that Wayne will custom make specifically. Even better, Wayne and his team will be on hand to monitor your workout and answer any questions you might have.